Critters Are Smarter than Humans

bird on balconyCritters are so much smarter than humans Sitting on my living room couch in Ras Al Khaimah… look out the door to the balcony and notice a bird sitting on the rail. It was then I became aware of how long it had been since I heard song birds out my bedroom window in Virginia. Hard to believe that only 6 weeks ago I sat overlooking a backyard teeming with life. The squirrels jumped from trbirds in treesee to tree, chipmunks chased one another across the yard, neighborhood cats took their daily walk through the backyard and birds fought over food at the feeder. Today, walking across campus, in this foreign land of infinite sand, I heard a cacophony of birds singing in the trees. In Virginia, this was an everyday occurrence. Here, in RAK, it was a moment of reflection on what I had stopped noticing and what I took for granted. But, more importantly, it was a sign that summer is turning to winter (110 degrees Farenheit down to 85). Critters have always been smarter than man. They know when to seek shelter. If left to their own devices, they eat when hungry, and leave when the weather is too hot or cold.

Man has evolved too far. We seem to favor intellect over instinct and intuition. Now beginning to see other critters return or awaken from their summer hiatus.

Critters are so much smarter than man.

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