Expats Create Their Own Fun

mosqueLife in the city means you never have to create your own fun, because there is always something going on. Life in the country means just the opposite. A city person, like me, would never have chosen life in Ras Al Khaimah, which is more country than city. It aspires to greatness with tall buildings and many more under construction. It even has a medium sized mall with another being built, but no matter how you dress it up… its still country. In fact, two blocks off the main drag, you’ll encounter goats crossing the street. I understand that if you hit a goat with your car then you must pay the owner.

expatFirst impression is to freak out because of so much “nothing to do”, but there are many expats here from countries and cities both large and small and they have been here for years, so I figured they had it all figured out, and they do. The “make their own fun”. What a novel idea. So different from checking the paper or web to see “things to do” this weekend. Here, you actually have to decide what you want to do and then create it. For example, there are weekly scrabble parties, golf, walking/running clubs, community theater, theaterand weekly barbeques. In fact, just about anything you want to do is here (except opera, art films, and things like that). If I can find enough interested people, I could start a storytelling group I’m sure this “make your own fun thing” is not new for experienced expats, but since my husband and I are “virgins” at this expat game, everything is challenging, scary, fun, exciting, weird.

Well next week we will begin to explore our new home by vacationing in Dubai for Eid.

Stay tuned.

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