It’s the Ordinary Things

After two weeks in this foreign land, I find myself nibbling at the edges of relaxation. I’m rediscovering that it’s the ordinary things that matter. relaxationA couch, stove, and clothes hangers make the difference between comfort and discomfort; between anxious and relaxed; between harmony and disharmony. 

We take the ordinary for granted. Have no appreciation for the chair unless it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright or painted by Gauguin. gaugains chair 2Even though we may fall in love with our barcaloungers, we don’t really appreciate them until a spouse threatens to trash it.

The most ordinary thing I miss is color. I am astounded by how much I miss color. I know that sounds odd, but when you live in the eastern part of the United States with an abundance of color (except for winter) and are suddenly transported to the desert of the UAE, the absence of color is shocking. It is impossible to express the feeling. Everything is tan. The sand is tan. The distant mountains are tan. Our building is tan and the interiors are painted tan. Then I looked around and discovered that I have fallen under the “tan spell” and have purchased tan curtains, and tan carpet though it does have burgundy flourishes. I also purchased tan lamps with silver bases. Now I am on a mission to buy very, very bright colors for the wall décor and other decorative items.

So, I had to travel more than eight thousand miles to discover that ordinary things can be extraordinary. Imagine how much more I have to discover.

Till next time…

2 thoughts on “It’s the Ordinary Things

  1. Egypt was the same way, tan all over, especially Cairo which is in need of a serious sand blasting. Then again, Paris was very gray, also in need of a serious sand blasting. Oh well, I guess we are just too used to viewing good ole Washington DC which is so sterile and ultra white clean.

    Enjoy the journey! Sounds like you are having a good sand blasting (smile).

    • What a great comment! We are truly getting a sandblasting of old ideas… of old ways… and rediscovering old ways like how to hang out clothes to dry LOL

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