Adrenaline – The Secret Foutain of Youth


Note: For those of you who have been following my journey…. I apologize that this posting is out of synch. I forgot I had written it and should have posted a few weeks ago.


butterliesAt the age of 22, I traveled 3000 miles to attend school at UCLA. No family, no friends, no acquaintances. So what. So long ago I can’t remember what it felt like, but it couldn’t have been like this. I was fearless and lived in the world of “why not”. Now I reside in the world of caution that comes from experiencing all the answers to “why not”.

Awoke on move day with butterflies in my stomach. Probably because I haven’t done anything butterfly inducing in a very long time. When living a cautionary life, everything is carefully planned and scoped out. All I’s dotted and t’s crossed. All the if’s, than’s, and else’s have been carefully considered and contingency plans put in place. Put half of my money in purse and other half in suitcase. Was sure to split underwear between two bags in case one got loss. But the land of Why Not is full of uncertainty inducing butterflies.

Haven’t felt such an adrenaline rush since I went rock climbing and that was on a cruise ship with a safety harness. That little adventure was prompted by a conversation with an 80-year old couplerock climbing but that’s another story. In other words, rock climbing was a lot safer than my current adventure moving half way round the world. In this case, my husband is my safety harness, but we are both untethered. Kinda like free floating in outer space and hoping for a gravitational draw into a safe planet.

The adventure begins.

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