Summer in Dubai

When faced with something a little out of the ordinary, my 7-year old grandson says “that’s not good” which sums up my feelings upon departing the airport in Dubai. Stepped out of the airport at night into 95 degree temperatures, 95% humidity and my glasses fogged up so heavily heatI had to remove them to see. Had recently read about this, but there is nothing like first-hand experience. In fact, the article I read was extolling the wonders of living in a Dubai summer after everyone else had departed to cooler climes. He was explaining how nice it was to experience the city without all the crowds. Either he had a warped sense of humor or the temperature coping mechanisms of a snake.

I now have a new understanding of the term breathtaking. The heat in Dubai is stifling. The air is heavy with moisture, and the body sweats like a prizefighter after going ten rounds with Ali. There are only two words that come to mind “air conditioning” or three words “air conditioning now”.  How do people live like this or more importantly why do people live like this? An even better question is “what was I thinking” when I decided to live like this.

holdon2Will not panic yet because I wanted an adventure, and I know that it will begin to cool down to a comfortable 80 degrees in another month. 

 Just have to hold on until then.

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