Global Awareness

If I had a friend experiencing something uncomfortable, I would offer soothing and kind phrases like “it’s going to be alright”, “don’t worry”, or “be patient”. So, here I sit on day two of my move to Ras Al Khaimiah and I’m trying out those phrases on myself, but it’s not working. I know that it is way too soon to panic, and that it’s just nerves and that in another month, dont panicI will look back on this time with a smile. But at this moment, I am really asking myself “why did I think this was a good idea.” What was I thinking!

Having left a very comfortable home, family and friends, I now sit pondering, worrying, and journaling my feelings while knowing I will not only adjust to my new environ but will eventually begin to love it here. So my husband and I decided to jumpstart the “getting to know you” phase by taking a personalized tour with an Emirattee. Ahmed was the perfect choice for a guide because he knew the area and was very patient while answering all of our questions. He is like the Jamaican with many jobs and his phone was constantly ringing from the variety of people that he works with and for.  My husband immediately launched into a political discussion with Ahmed and I suggested that he change the subject before it was too late, and we began to learn about Muslim customs around marriage, child rearing and wealth distribution among the Emirattees.

global awarenessSo now I am beginning to experience one of the many things I sought from this move… an expansion of my global awareness. Beginning to focus more on what I am gaining and less on what I (temporarily) gave up.

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