The Siren Song of Comfort

Once I enjoyed my routines and patterns. It felt good knowing the shortcuts around traffic while newbies and tourists could only sit and fume. It felt good knowing just what store carries the right item at the right price and the best way to get there. I know that between 7 and 8 am the sun is in just the right position for reading my daily paper.

trapThese are my routines. These are my life patterns that are as comfortable as a tattered robe and worn slippers. But something has begun to change. I am now discovering that what I deemed comfort has become an excuse to avoid change. For if one is comfortable, why change. Comfort can be an insidious trap. The longer one sits in an easy chair, the harder it is to get up. That is where I found myself and cobwebs were beginning to form and hold me down.

Fortunately, I discovered the trap I was in. I realized that the rut of comfort was getting deeper and deeper until I could barely see above it. The air in my rut was stale. The springs in my comfortable chair were rusting. But in 11 days, it will all change. I will be winging my way for a sojourn in the UAE. I will fly out of my rut and begin to see around me again and breathe fresh air.

Eleven days and counting.

3 thoughts on “The Siren Song of Comfort

  1. One thing I am sure about is that we are meant to grow and create until the day we leave this world. When we shut down to learning (growing), we shut down to the gift of life. Aleta and Clay are going to share their many gifts in another part of the world and who knows what will come out of that. Whatever springs from it will be good; it’s like pollinating — nature’s way of expanding. I am going to miss you, but I understand the impulse to go.

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