Carpe Diem

old school martinaReflecting back on our Olde School (olde friends are those who will always be there) going away party and realized that the overwhelming comment was “Wow!” I was amazed at the response to our foray into another world… the UAE. Everyone wants to know how, why and for how long. They pause. They applaud. They are surprised. They are happy. They are sad. They cycle through many of the same emotions that I experienced. Then… like me, they say “why not.”

olympic pool diving boardI stand on the edge of the diving board with my toes hanging over the end looking down on the olympic size pool and ask myself if I have the nerve to jump. We’ve settled the house; packed most things; said most of our good byes; and we have the airplane tickets in hand.

My grandson is preparing to go away to college and I reminded him that it’s not too late to change his mind. Just because you’ve been accepted and told everyone you’re going doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind. So, I remind myself of the same thing. I can always change my mind. But, what would my friends think. Will they think I chickened out. Will they breath a sigh of relief because I’ll still be here. Will they be surprised, sad, or melancholy. But wait… it doesn’t matter what they think. What matters is …. what I think. 

wild eyed wonderI stand at the brink of a wondrous opportunity. Like the child in the picture, I am wide-eyed with an open mind, and as excited as a puppy dog when her owner comes home at the end of the day.puppy excited

Carpe diem !!!!!!!!

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