Traveling the Familiar

Life is spent traveling the familiar—same stores, same roads, same restaurants. The neural synapses grow lazy. They fire in familiar patterns. Ruts have formed and grow deeper. Like an old pair of slippers, I mistook the routine for comfort. Comfort can be dangerous, because like an old recliner, we settle in and don’t want to move. Don’t want to change. Then rust begins to form until we slow down and eventually we cannot move.

Children are a perfect example of constant learning, because everything is new to them. Their brains and bodies are constantly learning. It is unfortunate that many of us grow up and stop learning. We become experts at our crafts to the exclusion of everything else.  Our ruts deepen. We trod the same roads over and over and over again.

little girl and suitcase

My journey to the UAE is an opportunity to be engrossed in everything that is new (to me) again. Not only new sights and sounds, but new vistas, cultures, languages, dress, new everything. I won’t even have to seek because I will be surrounded by new experiences. One lady on a forum wrote that she stepped into the extreme summer heat of Dubai and didn’t even notice because she was immediately and totally engulfed by her new environ.

I know that traveling new roads will stir my synapses and my creative juices and energy will begin to flow again. I will slough off the rust that formed during the last four years. I will explore. My synapses will fire like a machine gun. I will stretch way beyond my comfort zones.

I will travel new roads.

One thought on “Traveling the Familiar

  1. God bless you on your journey. Have loads of fun and adventures and may your synapses go off like the Fourth of July!

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