Leaving Home

When I dreamed about working overseas, I never really thought about what that meant. It was an esoteric idea that seemed really cool in the abstract. I’d just go somewhere and work for awhile. I didn’t think about what it meant to leave family. I didn’t think about what it meant to leave the area I had called home all of my life. I never considered the impact on others.

My daughter-in-law commented that her son had recently experienced upheaval due to the breakup of his parents and now he would be confronted with the loss of his grandparents. I never thought about that. My daughter said she has never lived far from her mother. I never thought about that. My brother flat out said I should not go.

 It reminded me of my upbringing. My parents lived in the same house until they went to a retirement community. I remember how comforting it was to go home and know that Mom and Dad were there. I took that for granted, but hoped to provide the same for my children and grandchildren. I saw the effect of this move in my grandson’s eyes when he went to his toy closet and discovered it was empty. I told him G’dad and I are moving to another house. It was too soon and too complicated to explain that we’d be thousands of miles away and wouldn’t see him for another year.

 My friends and acquaintances are so excited and rave about the opportunity we have. I see the wishfulness in their eyes. One friend laughed and said she is so jealous. It is as if they are living vicariously through us. One grandson said he has told all of his friends that his grandparents are going to the UAE and they all think it is a great adventure.

 Times like this remind me that we are all so connected.

4 thoughts on “Leaving Home

  1. And so I reasoned, if Clay and Aleta have the courage to make a long term move, should I not put into action a long awaited plan to visit Ethiopia for just a few days?

    This I shall do!!!!

    1. This is connectedness. We see others doing and it spurs us to do also. Can’t wait to see pics from Ethiopia.

  2. No movement, no growth! Sure it’s comforting to have a routine, but it’s also non stimulating to not have to engage because of too much familiarity. Nothing advances when it stays in one place. Life evolves, the planets revolve, and great for you to stay involved…in discovering new places, new people, other lifestyles and etc. Sure there’s some discomfort in change but it would be more uncomfortable to look back and say I had a chance but passed it up because of ……….?

    Look forward, not backwards, and enjoy the amazing journey. There are no accidents in the universe. You got the job because it’s part of your destiny. You created the desire to do something big, so here is your opportunity. Live it, don’t think it!!!!!
    I would love to go with you but I will soon have my own journey to live with passion.
    Enjoy and all the best, leave the rest.

  3. Aleta-leaving family has to be one of the hardest things we will ever have to do. Home is the place we associate good times, family and laughter with. No matter where you are you will always have those memories, that just put a smile on your face.
    We are also living in the most technologically advance society. Use Skype my friend it’s a wonderful tool. And if all else fails remember, you can always come home:)

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