Running with the Boomer pack and experiencing angst over shrinking retirement dollars; deciding whether to move to lower cost area; pursuing the career dream, etc.

Just returned from touring new housing developments in Wilmington, NC as a possible new home.  Found it to be a beach town that is rapidly (over 25 years) transforming its downtown.  As with all quests, I learned more about myself (note to husband: I and myself mean we and ourselves). Learned that Wilmington is a very nice town, but not quite urban enough for us.

We went looking for nightlife and found that there are two kinds (fast/slow or young/old). If you fit somewhere in between, then there is nothing. Our first clue came from a transplanted Charletonian who said that there is no culture in Wilmington. But that was just one woman’s opinion, so we went looking for a place to dance (not cultural but fun) on Saturday night and started out at Rox. The bouncer took one look at my husband and me and came outside to explain to us that “you don’t want to come in here”.  Being obviously a few years older than their usual clientele (21-31), he suggested another club.  We went where he suggested, Sportsmen’s Club, and walked into a time warp. Nice club, good DJ, and comfortable, but reminded me of the old BYOB cabaret days.

Left the Sportsmen’s Club and decided to return to Rox and see for ourselves. Upon arriving the first thing we noticed were policemen out front. That was all we needed for confirmation that “you don’t want to come in here.”

Not to knock Wilmington. Nice place. Friendly people and definitely on the upswing. May come back in 10 years. It’s just too slow for us. So the quest continues.

Ciao till next time.

One thought on “Boomersteria

  1. Wow, what an experience.

    As for me, I am looking for a unique housing design. Just need a huge common room with lots of natural light issuing from solar panels and large windows. Would like an art space so to speak.
    Don’t want neighbors either. Just a commuter train that will take me into town as I plan to give up my auto. Any suggestions?

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